XC Guided Weeks at Sopot

Please send us an email if you'd 

like to book a guided week

Unscheduled guided weeks can also be arranged on request

Guided holidays for qualified pilots, based in Sopot but with the flexibility to travel to other sites if needed.  On this week, our priority is to bag some big flights.  We'll go to the best site each day, the guides will fly with you. 
We'll look at the conditions beforehand and discuss the strategy for the day.  We'll fly as far as the conditions allow. 
Following the retrieves, we'll carry out post flight debriefs and analysis.
Through air to air guiding over radio and live tracking by the ground crew, we aim to maximise the kilometres.  We have lost count of the number of personal bests that we have helped to beat.
You'll need to have around 20hrs post training experience and have logged flights of more than 1hr.  You need to be confident with your thermalling skills. If you feel you're not quite ready, please contact us about joining a CP+ course first.
If you're ready for some mountain and flatland XC and you want to increase your PB records, then sign up.  See you in the Rose Valley!
Half board accommodation, airport transfers, guiding, pre and post flight briefings, retrieves are all included.
Click here to contact us for the Guided Trips

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