8th-15th August, 2020

You've landed on this page, that means you probably already know what 'SIV' means.  It's a phrase that strikes fear into the hearts of many pilots and caused endless debate on if/when it should be done.

What's our take on it?

All pilots are different. A full SIV course soon after learning might be suitable for some. It's certainly not for everyone.  On our CP+ course we already go into rapid descent techniques and collapse recovery. For our SIV introduction, we'll extend that by adding some more exercises. This will be done over water, with a rescue boat in place.  There is no pressure to complete all the exercises, it's up to you how far you go beyond your comfort zone.  Think of this as 'SIV Lite'.

Where, when, what?

The course takes place at Lake Ohrid, Macedonia. In the event of a water landing, we don't want salt water on our equipment. This Lake is one of the deepest in Europe, a beautiful setting. Importantly, the air is not congested.  The takeoff is at 1600m ASL, the landing is at 700m.  This gives us plenty of altitude to complete the exercises. 

The Course will take place from 8th to the 15th of August.  Please book flights in and out of Sofia.  Transfers included.

There will be an instructor on takeoff, and one at landing. Rescue boat will be in place and you'll be fitted with a personal flotation device.  The exercises on offer are:-

  • Pitch Control

  • Big Big Ears

  • Big Ears and Full Speed Bar

  • B line Stall

  • Full Frontal Collapse

  • 50% Asymmetric Collapse

  • Wing Overs

  • Spiral Dive Intro with good exit

  • Spin entry and exit

Full briefings will be given before each flight. Post flight debrief including video analysis. The aim of this course is not to frighten you but to explore your glider's performance and build on your confidence to fly it.  This course is not just about SIV.  We plan to visit the world famous site of Krusevo, which lies to the North of Ohrid. There, it's all about thermal flying and XC. Instructors will be on hand to assist with thermalling technique.  A tandem thermal flight with instructor is also possible.​​​​​​​​​

Logistics and further details

Fly to Sofia, we'll pick you up there. The bus leaves at 1400 on August 8th. We'll take you back there on the 15th of August.

You must be CP qualified (or equivalent).

You must have a reserve parachute and a 2m radio, we have spares if you require them.

B&B accommodation is included. Evening meals are at your own expense. Macedonia is not expensive.

Course Price is £745. This includes B&B accommodation, airport transfers, SIV intro, XC guiding, tandem flight with instructor.

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