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When beginning your paragliding career, it's very difficult to choose a school, equipment and location for your training. Some choose 2nd hand gear. Some choose to train in the UK over weekends which does tend to drag out because of the glorious weather enjoyed on our Atlantic Isles.


Our offer is a little different.  We have put together the complete package.  The training course takes 2 weeks. During that time you will have half board accommodation. We don't share rooms, you get your own, ensuite and airconditioned. We operate in one of the best paragliding venues in the world. We have training slopes for every wind direction and a chairlift to make sure we can get off the big mountain multiple times per day.


The package includes a brand new paraglider, a new harness and a reserve parachute. All tailored exactly to your needs. All from the same manufacturer, the highly regarded BGD range.


These wings are perfect to get you through your training and help you gain experience post qualification, they also look great!


The cost for all of this is only £3495


The accommodation includes bed, breakfast and 6, 3 course evening meals.  You get your own room!, ensuite and air conditioned.  No room sharing.


At the end of the course you should leave here CP rated. BHPA Paragliding Club Pilot (CP) rating is what you need to be able to fly solo safely in the United Kingdom without instructor supervision. It is equivalent to FAI ParaPro Stage 3 which is internationally recognised in most countries around the world.


You'll also have a brand new wing and equipment on which you have learned.


We don't believe in teaching large groups of students, our maximum ratio is 3 students per instructor!  You'll get all the attention you need in this vital stage of your flying career.



EP/CP Course. 2wks Accommodation. Brand New Wing, Harness and Reserve


(other gliders also available eg. BGD EPIC)

If you already have your own equipment or would prefer to split the training, please see our main pricing page here.

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