Nepal Pilot Development Trip  

29th Feb-14th March 2020

This trip is specifically designed for newer, low airtime pilots wanting to explore exciting new places with the full guidance and support of BHPA Instructors. We won't fly off and leave you, this is a CP+ level trip, our focus is increasing your airtime, experience and confidence.

Our 5th trip to the magical Himalayas

The perfect antidote to the winter blues and an adventure guaranteed to provide fond memories for many years.  The flying is mellow around the Phewa Lake and is suitable for lower airtime pilots, you'll always have a BHPA Instructor/Guide when you fly.  A wonderful opportunity to build hours, experience and be ready for spring in Europe.

See this trip as a continuation of school training but now in a real life environment with very current Instructor/Guides on hand to mentor and support you.

For those ready for more adventurous XC flying, we'll fly as a group across to the famous Green Wall, a towering jungle which lives up to its name. The next stage (if you're ready) will be to fly the Korchon Circuit (click here to see a tracklog), an all day affair with spectacular views back into the large mountains of the Annapurna Range.  

The guides are all BHPA instructors, your safety is our top priority. We'll work hard to maximise the potential of each day, matching your skill sets and experience with suggested flight plans. Our aim is to provide an unforgettable and safe experience.   

Watch our video from 2018 to get an idea of what we do in Nepal...

  • Internal flights to and from Kathmandu are included

          (we have tried the 8hr bus journey and vowed 'never again') 

  • Single , ensuite accommodation in both cities.

  • Daily group transport to takeoff is included as are local flying permits.

This 2 week trip costs £1390

You get your own room - no single supplement

email us for more details​


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