Macedonia XC Week

15th-22nd August 2020 


(no room sharing, you get your own room)

Airport transfers to/from Sofia or Skopje.  Single accommodation with breakfast. All guiding and logistics.

A Trip for all Pilot Levels

Once again, we're heading to Krusevo in Northern Macedonia. This is one of the best paragliding areas on earth and it's just down the road from our HQ.

Whether you're recently qualified or a seasoned pilot, we will provide you the support you need for an excellent holiday.

You can fly to Sofia (more flight options) or Skopje (less road time). Either way, we'll pick you up at the airport. The first night we always spend in Skopje Old Bazaar. It was founded 700 years ago, the biggest bazaar in the Balkans and well worth spending the evening to explore. 

We'll stay right in the old town and take an evening stroll, enjoying the open air bars and restaurants. It's a perfect oppurtunity to acclimatise and meet the group.


With both flatland and mountain terrain Kruševo is the perfect venue for cross country Paragliding.  The road to takeoff is smooth, parking is right by the AstroTurf.
The area is suitable for all levels of pilot, with wooded hills on the on the west side of the valley creating conditions that aren’t too frightening.  Rocky ridges on the east side create booming thermals for the more experienced pilots.
We'll be staying 3 nights in a lovely family hotel in Krusevo with excellent breakfast and restaurant. For the other 3 nights, we'll stay in the centre of the nearby town of Prilep (Krusevo is quite small with very limited nightlife). This way, we'll have the best of both worlds.
Bed and breakfast accommodation is included, you get your own room.
Krusevo Paragliding Fly4Seasons
Macedonia Pilots Skopje
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Pre Flight Briefings

After breakfast, we'll discuss the weather conditions and formulate a plan for the day. 

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Big Sky

The flying at Krusevo is nothing short of amazing. 


Post Flight

Beautiful summer evenings await us. 


GPS Tracking

As well as radio, we use GPS tracking on our smartphones. Retrieve is never far away. 

Krusevo Takeoff Prep
BGD Cure at Krusevo Fly4Seasons
Paragliding Sky Krusevo