Learn to Fly in 2 Weeks!

Learn to fly on an intensive 2 week course.

Perfect weather and location in which to learn.

Internationally recognised qualifications.

Highly experienced instructors, we live and breathe paragliding.

Luxury accommodation (video here) with no room sharing.  

Meals included.

learn paragliding. residential courses. accommodation included

Elementary Pilot (EP) Course

The Elementary Pilot rating is the first basic step. It is issued once you have completed some easy tasks and flown a number of solo flights. The EP course is fun and a great introduction into the sport: learning is easy and progression is made quickly. This normally takes 5 days of training. You must complete this before moving on to Club Pilot stage.

club pilot paragliding course. bhpa paragliding school

Club Pilot (CP) Course

The Club Pilot (CP) rating is what you need to be able to fly solo safely without instructor supervision. It is equivalent to FAI ParaPro Stage 3 and is internationally recognised in most countries. This normally takes a further 5 days. This course includes some theory lessons which provide you with all the knowledge (and more) which you need to pass your multiple choice exams. There is an excellent guide from the BHPA which you can download here.

paraglider training and equipment package

The Full Package

Learn on your own, brand new equipment which you can then take home!

This package contains all the parts you need to get airborne.  It's the same equipment we use in the school and comes highly recommended. 

Glider -  BGD Adam

Harness - BGD Snug

Reserve Parachute - BGD Oops!

All this for the absolutely unbeatable price of


This includes the EP and CP training courses with transfers, accommodation etc as listed elsewhere on the website.

Other gliders are available for example, the BGD Epic or Magic.  Please contact us for advice.


One of Our Recent Courses

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