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Who is it for ?

If you recognise yourself in any of these categories, read on.

  • Low airtime pilots.

  • Nervous pilots.

  • Those wishing to learn more about thermal flight.

  • Recently qualified pilots.

  • Pilots wanting to increase confidence.

  • Club Pilots aiming for Pilot Rating.

  • 'Rusty' pilots wishing to become current again.

  • BHPA CP Students with 1 or 2 tasks needing assessed to gain the Club Pilot rating.

This week is also open to qualified, experienced pilots who want to fly XC with full local support and logistics.


We run this popular course as a natural progression from our EP and CP courses. CP qualification is merely the beginning.  The best way to gain experience is through airtime, gaining this airtime with guidance and instructors on hand to answer questions is ideal.

We'll work on consolidating the skills you've gained already (with us or elsewhere).  

What is it?

CP+ is a week long course based in Sopot, Bulgaria. We aim

to increase confidence, airtime and experience. Led by BHPA instructors with a maximum ratio of 3 clients per instructor.

The accommodation is brand new, you get your own room (no sharing). A hearty breakfast every morning and 6 delicious evening meals are included in the price.

Where is it?

​We are based in Sopot, Bulgaria. Getting here is very easy via Sofia Airport. The budget airlines serve Sofia from most major cities in Europe.

The flying here is world class, many international competitions have been held here.  The main takeoff we use (1450m ASL) is served by a chairlift. We have brand new accommodation with AC, jacuzzi and swimming pool. You get your own room, no sharing.

Through both practical exercises and group discussions we will cover the following topics :-

  • Selecting the best days to fly. We lead busy lives and have other commitments, we'll cover how to recognise the potentially good weather days and those days when we should do other things.

  • Selecting the best place to fly. Being at the right place is important.

  • When to launch and when to wait.

  • Understanding airflow, on site and over the terrain in general. Recognising potential turbulent areas.

  • How to land safely, selecting a spot and getting down without drama.

  • Rapid descent techniques, how and when to use them.

  • Top landing - theory and practical if conditions allow - vital if you want to progress to pilot level.

  • Thermal mapping, how to stay in them and get high.

  • Thermal tandem flight with instructor - maybe the best way to learn?

  • Glider selection - when to move up a class and when not to.

  • Ground handling. If you're at one with the glider on the ground, you'll go far in the air.

  • Choosing mentors and peers. Those pilots around you will influence your decisions, some are better than others.

  • Recognising and dealing with intermediate syndrome - everyone goes through this stage.

  • Dealing with fear and anxiety. We all get scared sometimes. 

Course Outline

more info:-

Course Price is €745 (or free with a new glider purchase) and includes the following;
Airport transfers to/from Sofia airport on Saturday around lunchtime. Private transfer is possible for those arriving or departing at different times.
7 Nights half board accommodation with breakfast every morning and 6 evening meals.
You get your own room - no single supplement to pay!
Coaching and instruction with BHPA instructors.
Tandem flight with instructor, conditions permitting.
You must have travel insurance to specifically cover paragliding.
We can sign off BHPA Pilot tasks as and when we cover them.
CP students still needing one or two tasks assessed are also welcome.
You'll need a 2m radio, helmet and reserve parachute. School gliders are available if you don't have your own kit.
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