The area we use for our training enables us to maximise your training time and ensures rapid progress. We have local training slopes to cover all wind directions.  For your later, higher flights we have a huge takeoff served by a chairlift. It's as though the Sopot area has been specifically designed for flying paragliders.


We keep the groups small, a maximum of 3 students per instructor  meaning you get all the attention you need in this critical phase of your flying career.


All this means we can usually complete your EP and CP courses in a two week window :-

Elementary Pilot (EP)


The Elementary Pilot Certificate is the first basic step. It is issued once you have completed some easy tasks and flown a number of solo flights. The EP course is fun and a great introduction into the sport: learning is easy and progression is made quickly. This normally takes 5 days of training. You must complete this before moving on to Club Pilot stage.

Club Pilot (CP)


The Club Pilot (CP) rating is what you need to be able to fly solo safely without instructor supervision. It is equivalent to FAI ParaPro Stage 3 which is internationally recognised in most countries around the world. This normally takes a further 5 days. There is an excellent guide from the BHPA which you can download here.

Beyond CP


Getting your CP rating is just the beginning of your solo flying career. We are here to help you gaining your experience in our post graduate training programme. We can assist you in your progression from fledgling to expert.  Our further training will help you gaining vital airtime, CP+ is the next step!

XC flights and further study towards your Pilot exam. Never stop learning!

Testimonial   -  For more reviews, click here

Well what can I say. I had one of the best weeks learning to paraglide in Bulgaria with Fly4Seasons. I was with Gavin and Dave for a week doing the EP course from 28th April to 5th May

As others have already stated, the accommodation in the lodge was brilliant. The food was plentiful and filling, much needed after a day of multiple trips lugging equipment up the training hill! We all had our own comfortable room and bathroom, showers were hot and with decent pressure.

Gavin is a very knowledgeable instructor, with clear, adaptable teaching methods coupled with a wicked sense of humour. "That landing was like a homesick piano" was one of my favourite Gavin quips! What I particularly liked was that I felt I was constantly being pushed to go further, but felt comfortable and safe to do so. That is a credit to the learning environment that Gavin and Dave created. If you had asked me before the course began, would I be flying solo from a 1200ft mountain after the end of the week, I would have just laughed at you! But because of the guidance and support from Gavin and Dave, we all did just that. It was an absolutely exhilarating feeling.

The Sopot area is beautiful, with a warm, sunny climate - a great place to learn. After initially honing our ground handling skills, we were in the air every day. Which, according to some of my fellow students, is unheard of in the UK for an EP course!

I cannot recommend Fly4Seasons enough. It was one of the best things I have ever done, and will be back one day. The value of the package is unreal. All the kit, tuition, evening meals and breakfasts, accommodation plus airport transfers all in the price. There is even a hot tub and swimming pool with a swim up bar! Our group drank plentifully every night, and I'm pretty sure we all had change from £100 for a week of daily beer, wine, lunches and one evening meal out. If you can find a better deal, with the quality on offer here, then I'd like to know about it!

If you like the sound of learning withFly4Seasons, but are hesitating for some reason - screw it, just do it! You will not regret it.

Sam Mellor, UK

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